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Ranks of forums

Post  Ownage on Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:56 pm

Special Ranks

Maple Admin
Maple Gm
Maple Co Owner
Moderater (get free 999 stats Horntail Necklace

Normal ranks

Job Posts Required to advance

Yay I got my first Job!-10
Lvl 20-----------------20
Lvl 25-----------------25
Second Job------------30
Wow im ownage lvl 35--35
Lvl 40-----------------40
45 posts get a stat hat-45--(Get a Gm hat 999 stats)
POKESTORY LEGEND----50--(get awesome overall +4000 stats)
Post King (gm)---------1000 (You become a GM)
Maple Admin
Maple Admin

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