Pichuu GM application

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Pichuu GM application

Post  Pichuu on Sat May 16, 2009 3:11 pm

Why you wanna be gm:i wanna be able to help people on the server
i wanna be able to help everybody , ban people that are breaking the rules and also help out other gm players.i always wanted to be a GM for quite awhile ever since i played Maplestory which was for 2 years
and i also i love helping people , and i won't be the kind of Gm that will be mean to people , all i can say 3 strikes and you are out of the game but you are a hacker you are banned for life
2.temp ban
3. perma ban

i hope you choose me Very Happy

Other stuff: i will be on everyday , host events , random drop games
help players lvl up , i know most of the gm commands from my gm friends on other Private servers

Maple Gm
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